Pontypridd reel

Also known as Ym Mhontypridd Mae ’Nghariad.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Pontypridd
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor

Three comments

Oh that’s nice

That’s a lovely little riff. Do you have any more information on it?

RE: Oh that’s nice

The tune is often sung to these words:
Ym Mhontypridd mae ‘nghariad,
Ym Mhontypridd mae ‘mwriad,
Ym Mhontypridd mae’r ferch fach lan,
A’i chael o flaen y ’ffeiriad.

Mi hela’ heddiw unswllt,
Mi hela’ fory ddeuswllt,
A chyn y colla’ i ferch ei mam
Mi dreia’ i am y triswllt.

Mi glywais lawer caniad,
Mi welais lawer bwriad,
Mi welais lawer benyw lan
Ond neb mor lan a ’nghariad.

Mae ’mwthyn ger yr afon,
Mae gennyf wartheg blithion,
Mae gennyf fferm ar lannau Taf, -
O tyred ataf, gwenfron.


This is the tune used for Pippin’s song to lord Denethor as he has problems eating cherry tomato’s
Welsh Duo Olion Byw do a great rendition of this tune on their Album Hen Bethau Newydd.

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