Peggy’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Peggy's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
BA|:FBBc dcdf|ecBc afec|dBBA BcdB|ecBc afec|
FBBc dcdf|ecBc aefa|bafg aefa|1 fecA B2BA:|2 fecA B2Bc||
d2dc dfaf|efec Acec|d2dc dfaf|ecAc B3c|
d2dc dfaf|efec Acde|f2fg fedf|ecBA B3c|
d2dc dfaf|efec ABcA|dcBc defd|ecBA B3c|
dfab afeb|afec ABce|fgfa efec|afec B2BA||

Four comments

Peggy’s Reel

This tune was written by Charlie Fleming, a Northumberland fiddler, for “a very resourceful lady - who I’ve never met” named Peggy. Peggy was a lady who lived in one half of a divided Belfast. Her son told her that he enjoyed the traditional tunes he heard in the city and so she took the bus to the other side of the city to buy him a bodhran which she encouraged him to play. Charlie Fleming (a very resourceful man - who I’ve never met) taught the children of the boy how to play the fiddle and upon hearing this story wrote this tune for her.

Pggy’s Reel

Originally from Loanhead, just outside Edinburgh, fiddler and mandolin player Chuck Fleming briefly graced the line-ups of vanguard folk rock bands The JSD Band and Five Hand Reel. He recorded an LP with Gerry Kaley in 1985, Shake Loose the Border, recorded in Newcastle and with the help of Alistair Anderson.

Quite a character is Chuck.

Re: Peggy’s

He used to play for ceilidhs in Durham Town Hall when we were there in the 1970s.
A character indeed! 🙂