The Kelburn Brewer reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Kelburn Brewer
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:"C"zedc Bc-c "Em"G-|GFFE EDDC|"F"F2GA- Ac2"G"B-|BGgf efdB|
"C"zedc Bc-c "Em"G-|GFFE EFGC|"F"FGAc- c2c"G"A|BcdB cgeg:|
|:"C"E2DE GD2"Am"E-|EGDE GDEG|"F"A2GA cde"G"d-|dc-cA- AGAc|
"C"E2DE GD-D"Am"E-|EGGA Accd|1 "F"e2dc A4-|"G"Aedc AGAc:|2 "F"e2dc A2e2|"G"dcA2 cdde||
|:"F"f2ed dc-c"G"c-|cBBc cdde|"Am"efg2- gggf|feed dcBc|
"F"f2ed dc-c"G"c-|cBBc cGGF|1 "C"EFGc- c2EF|Ge-eg fedc:|2 "C"EFGc- c4-|c8||

Two comments

The Kelburn Brewer

Written by Alisdair Fraser. Beautiful tune. Needed to share; may not be 100% accurate.

Re: The Kelburn Brewer

One correction: The end of the A part is BcdB cgfg.