Never Far Away reel

Also known as Roundabout.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Never Far Away
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
w: A part
GA|:"G"Bc B/A/ G|"G/B"d2 cB|"Am7"A G B/c/ d|"C"e2 de|
"Em7"gbag|"G (Bm7)"edd g|"Am7" eddB|"D" A2GA|
"G"Bc B/A/ G|"G/B"d2 cB|"Am7"A G B/c/ d|"C"e2 de|
"Em7"gbag|"C"ed B/A/ G|"D"E DDE|1 "G"G2GA:|2 "G"G3ug||
w: B part
"Em7"gbag|"G/B (Bm)"edB/c/ d|"C"e2ed|"C"e3 ub|
"G"BcB/A/G|"G/B" cdB/A/G|"D"FAdD|"D"d3g/f/|
"C"e2dB|"G/B (Bm)"d2BA|"G (Am7)"B2G2|"G"G3d|
"Em7"gbag|"D (Bm)"edB/c/ d|"C"e2ed|"C/E"e2ga|
"Em"abeb|"Bm"bagf|"G"g2 B/c/ d|"C"gfed|
"G"BcB/A/G|"G/B"cdB/A/G|"D"FAdD|"D"d2 GA|
w: C finish
"G"Bc B/A/ G|"G/B"d2 cB|"Am7"A G B/c/ d|"C"e2 de|
"Em7"gbag|"G (Bm7)"eddG|"Am7" eddB|"D" A2GA|
"G"Bc B/A/ G|"Am"d2 cB|"Bm"A G B/c/ d|"C"e4-|e2de|
w: slower
"Em7"gbag|"D"ed B/c/ d|"C"gbag|"G/B" ed B/c/ d|
"Em7"gbag|"C" ed "G"B/A/ G|"D"E DDE|"G"G4||
X: 2
T: Never Far Away
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GA Bc (3BAGd2|cB AG (3Bcd e2|de gbag ed|
dg eddBA2|GA Bc (3BAG d2|cB AG (3Bcd e2|
de gbag ed|(3BAG EDDE G2:|
g e3 dB d2|BA BG G3 d|gb ag ed (3Bcd|
e2 ed e2 bg|ee d(e e2) (3efg|dB BA B2 AG||
Bc (3BAG cd (3BAG|FA dA d2 gf|e2 dB d2 BA|
B2 G2 G2 d2|gbag ed (3Bcd|e2 ed e2 ga|
b2 ebba gf|g2 (3Bcd gf ed|Bc (3BAG cd (3BAG|
FA dA d4||
w: Repeat all and then
GA Bc (3BAG d2|cB AG (3Bcd e2|de gbag ed|
dg eddBA2|GA Bc (3BAG d2|cBAG (3Bcd ( e2|e8)|
de gbag ed|(3Bcd gbag ed|(3Bcd gbag ed|
w: SLOWER to Finish
|(3BAG ED DE G2||

Six comments

Never Far Away

Nice reel by Liz Carroll, track 7 from her “On the Offbeat” CD.

Never Far Away

I love this tune. It really carries its own weight: it doesn’t require much in the way of variations or ornamentals (or skill, for that matter) for it to sound nice. It definitely has the classic Liz Carrollian sound.

Re: Roundabout

Firstly This tune should be listed under the title Liz Carroll gave it and if I am right composed it in remembrance of her father ie NEVER FAR AWAY. Secondly it is difficult to read the above abc s with all the chords mixed in . Please provide the dots. It also seems to differ from Liz s version . I don’t know where the ROUNDABOUT title comes from.

Never Far Away, X:2

I Love Liz and her compositions. I decided to post this setting as it is how she plays it. The 1st setting here does not have the correct ending leading into the guitar solo. Also I have left out the Chords which may confuse some abc readers. The ending to art 2 is played slower

Re: Never Far Away

Both X:1 and X:2 show a time signature that doesn’t match the transcription. X:2 has a couple of other timing oddities as well (bars of two-and-a-half and two-and-three-quarter beats). Sorry if this is stating the obvious; it’s the pedant in me.

Posted by .

Re: Never Far Away

Hi Bazza and thanks for your help.I have been working on this in between other jobs and correcting it as I went. I hope by now I have it right, some hours after your post . I welcome any further comments on things I missed.