Two recordings of
The Boys Of 25

Laington’s (reel) is also known as Dillon Brown, Dillon Brown’s Fancy, Diolún De Brún, Laington’s Favourite, Langton’s, Langton’s Favourite.

The Boys Of 25 (reel) is also known as The Boys Of Lee-Five, The Boys Of The 25, The Boys Of Twenty Five, Boys Of Twenty-Five, The Boys Of Twenty-Five.

No Matter How Cold And Wet You Are by Craobh Rua

  1. The Boys Of Twenty Five
  2. Laington’s
  3. Sean Maguire’s
  4. The Sligo Maid

The Best Of Sean McGuire by Sean McGuire

  1. The Boys Of the Twenty Five
  2. Dillon Brown’s Fancy