Two recordings of
The Broken Pledge
The Mother And Child

The Broken Pledge (reel) is also known as An Geall Briste.

The Mother And Child (reel) is also known as Is Trua Gan Peata ‘n Mhaoir Agam, Peata Beag Is A Mháthair, Peata Beag Mo Mháthar, The Yellow Cow.

The Lonesome Touch by Martin Hayes And Dennis Cahill

  1. Paul Ha’penny
  2. The Garden Of Butterflies
  3. The Broken Pledge
  4. The Mother And Child
  5. Toss The Feathers

The Mirthical Reel by Steve Mulhern And Ian Laws

  1. The Broken Pledge
  2. Mother And Child
  3. Toss The Feathers