One recording of
The Broken Pledge
Loch Leven Castle

The Broken Pledge (reel) is also known as An Geall Briste.

Loch Leven Castle (hornpipe) is also known as Biddy Mickey’s, The Castle Of Tuamgraine, The Humours Of Tuaimgreine, The Humours Of Tuamgraney, The Humours Of Tuamgreany, Julia Clifford’s, Loch Gamhna, Loch Lavan Castle, Loch Laven Castle, Lochleven Castle, The Shagging Of Rafferty’s Coat, Silver Street Lasses, Tom Greany’s Castle, Tomgraney Castle, Toomgraney Castle, Tuamgrainey Castle, Tuamgrainy Castle, Tuamgraney, Tuamgraney Castle, Tuamigrainey Castle.

Buan by Danu

  1. Tuamgraney Castle
  2. The Broken Pledge
  3. The Braes Of Busby