One recording of
Over The Moor To Peggy

Dálaigh’s (polka) is also known as Áine’s, Anne’s, The Breeches Buttoned On, The Britches Buttoned On, Captain Moonlight’s Army, Ceili House #2, Corcomroe Abbey, Dalaigh’s, Dálaigh’s #4, Downey’s, The Port Downey, Ray’s Favourite, Seamus Cussen’s, Séamus Cussen’s #1, Skibbereen #2, Tom’s My Other Son, The West Kerry.

Over The Moor To Peggy (reel) is also known as The Monasteraden Fancy, The Monastereden Fancy, The Monasterevin Fancy, The Monasteryedan Fancy, The Monasteryeden Fancy, Over The Moore To Peggy.

Jigs And Reels by The Aughrim Slopes Ceili Band

  1. The Monasteryedan Fancy
  2. Doone Hill
  3. Gorman’s