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Two settings

X: 1
T: One For Dan
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G2 ge d2 ed|G2 ge dBed|c2 Ac BBGB|ABcd AAAB|
GBge dBed|GBge dBed|cdef gedc|B2 A2 G4:|
|:d2 fe d2 dd|e2 f2 g4|fe d2 ed c2|dc B2 A4|
c2 cc B2 BB|cB cd A4|GABc dcBA|Gg gf g4:|
X: 2
T: One For Dan
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Gdge dBed|Gdge dBed|c2 Ac BAGB|cBcd A2BA|
Gdge dBed|Gdge dBed|cdef gdBG|A2 F2G4:|
d2 fe d4|e2 f2 g3 g|f2d2 edc2|dcBd A3B|
c2 Ac BAGB|AGAB A2 GA|BGBc dcBA|GggG G4:|

Six comments

One For Dan

A tune that’s played occasionally at the Golden Guinea pub session, Bristol (UK).

C: Dave Whetstone, apparently.

As I recall, it hasn’t beeen played for quite a while. However, we have a recent newcomer to the session (a fiddle player) whose name is Dan …

… maybe he will ressurect it 😉

Good grief! The software has just revealed that there’s actually a recording of it!

This was recorded by The Cock and Bull Band (presumably the recording on the linked compilation). I assume Dave Whetstone is or was a member of that band. I’m told that the ‘Dan’ referred to in the title is probably melodeon player Dan Quinn, who also played with, or was associated with, the band.

Thanks for the info, Creadur - assuming that it’s not a "cock and bull" story, that is! 😉

One For Dan, X:2

A lovely step hop schottische. This setting is transcribed from Cock and Bull’s ‘Eyes Closed and Rocking’ LP from 1985. This is the original line up of Cock and Bull, including the tune’s composer, Dave Whetstone. Cock and Bull were from Stony Stratford, in England. There are two pubs next to each other in Stony Stratford - one called The Cock, the other The Bull. Some say that this is the origin of the phrase ‘a cock and bull story’ and particularly that a story told in the Cock would be embellished by the time it made it to The Bull.

Re: One For Dan

I remember seeing Cock and Bull play this very tune, in the Anchor garden at Sidmouth folk festival around 1986. Jean-Pierre Rasle on bagpipes - brilliant. I still have the "Eyes Closed and Rocking" album on vinyl too. Great band.