Beth’s Fiddle Scarf reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Beth's Fiddle Scarf
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FddF GddG|Fddcd2ef|gfed ceag|f/e/d ec dcBA|
FddF GddG|Fddcd2ef|gfed ceag|1 f/e/d ecd4:|2 f/e/d ecd2ag||
|:faaf eaae|daad caac|BggB Affa|g/f/e fd edcB|
daad caac|BggB AffA|GBdg f/e/d ec|1 dAFA D2 ag:|2 dAFA D4||

Three comments

Beth’s Fiddle Scarf

This tune was taught and played at the seventeenth and final Celtic Southern Cross Summer School, Campespe Downs, Victoria, Australia. It is proving to be a very popular tune and is now doing the rounds at various sessions.
Here is the background of the tune and title from Beth.
“David Alleway has written a tune for me, which I just love, especially as it’s called Beth’s Fiddle Scarf. When I lived in Ireland I put a small “L plate” on the end of my fiddle, so that I could join sessions and not have to explain my mistakes. I left this with a friend who loved the idea, but the fiddle looked quite naked, so back in Tasmania I tied a beautiful small scarf with a celtic design onto the neck of the fiddle, and it’s never left. It could probably use a wash, and the colours are fading, but I love it still, and I love the tune to honour it.”

I love this tune. It’s fun to play and the story behind it is cute. Thanks for sharing! Yahoo!

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This is a great little tune! I played it and instantly loved it! I even brought it into school and showed my tutor and he even enjoys it! Great story along with it too!