The Man In The Moon waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Man In The Moon
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|G3 A G2|F2 E2 D2|G2 A2 B2|c3 B c2|
d4 c2|B2 c2 A2|G3 A G2|F2 E2 D2|
G3 A G2|F2 E2 D2|G2 A2 B2|c3 B c2|
d4 c2|B2 c2 A2|G6|G2 B2 c2||
d2 z2 d2|d4 z2|c2 A2 B2|c6|
B3 A Bc|d2 B2 G2|E2 F2 G2|A2 F2 D2|
G3 A G2|F2 E2 D2|G2 A2 B2|c3 B c2|
d4 c2|B2 c2 A2|G6|G4||

Three comments

The Man In The Moon

No connection whatsoever with a tune of the same name already posted here.

This waltz is a popular tune at the Golden Guinea pub session, Bristol (UK).

I don’t know its source, but it’s very well-known to trad musicians in Bristol and the surrounding area.

The Man in the Moon waltz

This old-time waltz was written by Scan Tester, and has also been transcribed by Steve Mansfield and Lester Bailey. Numguts Bush Band (from Perth, Western Australia) were on tour when we first heard it played at the session on Sunday evening 7 July 2013 at The Dairymaid’s Daughter, Isle of Wight, and instantly fell in love with it. We now play it after the late Roy Abbott’s song "And When They Dance". This is Steve Mansfield’s version (Steve may have been unaware of the identity of the composer):-
T:The Man in the Moon
Z:Steve Mansfield
D||: G>A G | FED | GAB | c2B/c/ | d>Bd| cBA| G>A G | FE D2 :|| G4 ||
B/c/ | d3 | ded | cAB | c2 B/c | B>A B/c/ | dBG | EFG |
AFD | G>A G | FED | GAB |c2B/c/ | d2c | BcA | (G3|G2) ||

The man in the moon lyrics

There are lyrics to this tune. If the tune was actually written by Scan then they must have originally been sung to a different one as the words were collected by Alfred Williams (Manuscript Collection No. Mi. 626).
T:Man in the Moon
S:Lester /Bailey
O:Tune: Scan Tester. Lrics: The Alfred Williams Manuscript
A2 |\
d3e d2 | c2 B2 A2 | d2e2f2 | g4fg |\
a4g2 | f2g2e2 | d3 e fe | d2 cB A2 |
d3e d2 | c2 B2 A2 | d2e2f2 | g4fg |\
a4g2 | f2g2e2 | d3 e fe | d4 |]
fg |\
a6 | a6 | g2e2f2 | g6 | f3 efg |\
a2f2d2 | B2c2d2 | e2 cB A2 |
d3e d2 | c2 B2 A2 | d2e2f2 | g4fg |\
a4g2 | f2g2e2 | d3 e fe | d4 |]
W: V1
W:When a bumper is filled, it is vexing, no doubt,
W:To find when you rise that the wine has run out;
W:And sure ‘tis an equally unpleasant thing,
W:To be asked for a song when you’ve nothing to sing.
W:I could try something old, if an old one would do,
W:But the world it is craving to have something new.
W:What to select for the words or the tune,
W: in fact, know no more than the Man in the Moon.
W:The Man in the Moon a new light on us throws;
W:He’s a man we all talk of but nobody knows;
W:And though a high subject, I’m getting in tune—
W:I’ll just have a turn at the Man in the Moon.
W:The Man in the Moon must lead a queer life,
W:With no-one around him, not even a wife,
W:No friends to console him, no children to kiss,
W:No chance of his joining a party like this.
W:He changes his house each quarter unpleasant,
W:Living first in a circle and then in a crescent;
W:If he rents by these quarters so fast going by,
W:I should think he is rented uncommonly high;
W:But he’s used to high life, for all circles agree,
W:That none move in such a high circle as he,
W:And though nobles go up in their royal balloon,
W:They can’t get introduced to the Man in the Moon.W:
W:Tis said that some people are moonstruck, we find,
W:And the Man in the Moon may be out of his mind,
W:But it can’t be for love, for he’s quite on his own—
W:No girls there to meet him by moonlight alone;
W:It can’t be ambition, for rivals he’s none—
W:At least he is only eclipsed by the sun,
W:And though in his prospects overclouded he sees,
W:The Man in the Moon can make light of all these.
W:In drinking, I fear, he may sometimes surpass,
W:For he always looks best when seen through a glass;
W:And in smoking, though you may smoke morning and noon,
W:You can’t blow a cloud like the Man in the Moon!