Thirty recordings of Barney Brannigan

Also known as ’Twas On A Windy Night, A New Gig, Barney Brailagan, Barney Brallaghan, Barney Brallaghan’s, Barney Bralligan, Barney Bralligan’s, Barney Brannigan’s, Bernard Ua Brolcain, Blewitt’s, Blewitt’s Jig, Charming Judy Brallahan, It Was On A Windy Night, John Kelly’s Hop, Master Tailor’s Irish Lilt, Master Tailor’s Lilt, The Master Tailor’s Lilt, McDermott’s, Miss Blewit’s, Miss Blewit’s Jig, Miss Blewitt’s, Miss Blewitt’s Jig, Mrs. Barney Brallaghan, Twas On A Windy Night.

This tune has been recorded together with Ride A Mile (lots of times), The Drops Of Brandy (a few times), The Rocky Road To Dublin (a few times), Comb Your Hair And Curl It (a few times), The Arra Mountains, The Butterfly, The Dawn, Dever The Dancer, The Dusty Miller, The Exile’s Jig, The Foxhunter, Give Us A Drink Of Water, The High, The Humours Of Whiskey, James Byrne’s, The Loom, The Moving Cloud, The Musical Priest, The Roscommon, Skin The Peelers, The Spike Island Lasses, The Sport Of The Chase, Whelan’s Old Sow, Wink And She’ll Follow You.

  1. A Celtic Fair by Maggie Sansone
  2. Aengus by Aengus
  3. An Irish Jubilee by Cathal McConnell And Robin Morton
  4. An Triréad/The Trio by Legacy
  5. Buntús Rince by Donegore Tradition
  6. Dawn by The Tabs
  7. Fiddle Duet by Andy McGann And Paddy Reynolds
  8. First Through The Gate by Brian Conway
  9. Giotár by Pete Strickler & Charlie Branch
  10. Humdinger by Paul Brock And Enda Scahill
  11. Irish Music from Cleveland: Vol. 2: The Community Tradition by Various Artists
  12. JSD Band by The JSD Band
  13. More Power to Your Elbow by Vincent Blin and Gilles Poutoux
  14. No Matter How Cold And Wet You Are by Craobh Rua
  15. Ó Bhéal go Béal by Marcas Ó Murchú
  16. One More Time by Billy McComiskey, Brendan Mulvihill, and Zan McLeod
  17. Rags, Reels And Airs by Dave Swarbrick
  18. Rince - The Complete Irish Dancing Set by Various Artists
  19. Rough And Ready by Johnny ‘Ringo’ McDonagh & Conor Keane
  20. Slow Airs And Set Dances by Eugene O’Donnell
  21. Stone Walls and Street Lights by New Road
  22. tempered by Ryan Molloy
  23. The Best Of Irish Jigs And Reels Vol.1 by Various Artists
  24. The Clear Air by Brian Hughes & Garry Ó Briain
  25. The Coulin and other classic Irish airs by Geraldine O’Grady accompanied by Eily O’Grady
  26. The Limestone Rock by Micho Russell
  27. The Next Generation by The Bog Band
  28. The Square Triangle by The Four Star Trio
  29. The Valley Of Tees by Vin Garbutt
  30. There’s Irish On The Islands by Fergie MacDonald