One recording of
Barney Brannigan
The New Widow Well Married

Barney Brannigan (slip jig) is also known as ‘Twas On A Windy Night, A New Gig, Barney Brailagan, Barney Brallaghan, Barney Brallaghan’s, Barney Bralligan, Barney Bralligan’s, Barney Brannigan’s, Bernard Ua Brolcain, Blewitt’s, Blewitt’s Jig, Charming Judy Brallahan, It Was On A Windy Night, John Kelly’s Hop, Master Tailor’s Irish Lilt, Master Tailor’s Lilt, The Master Tailor’s Lilt, McDermott’s, Miss Blewit’s, Miss Blewit’s Jig, Miss Blewitt’s, Miss Blewitt’s Jig, Mrs. Barney Brallaghan, Twas On A Windy Night.

The New Widow Well Married (slip jig) is also known as The Emigrant’s, The Exile’s Jig, My Mind Will Never Be Easy, Port An Deora, Port An Deorai, Port Na Deorai, The Widow Well Married.

Rags, Reels And Airs by Dave Swarbrick

  1. Barney Brallaghan
  2. The New Widow Well Married
  3. Paddy Be Easy