The Northern hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Northern
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3a^ga|:bafd AFDF|EFGB efge|bage cABc|(3dcd (3ede (3fef (3gfg|
bafd AFDF|EFGB efge|bage cABc|1 d2f2d2 (3a^ga:|2 d2f2d2 E2||
|:E2AB cBcE|F2Bc dcdB|gfed cBFG|(3AGA (3BAB (3cBc e2|
E2AB cBcE|F2Bc dcdB|gfed cBFG|1 A2c2A2E2:|2 A2c2A2||

Three comments

The Dublin Metropolitan Garda Céilí Band

A wonderful little busy Victorian type hornpipe recorded back when by an assemblage of Irish cops; their very skilled piccolo player even takes a solo during the 2nd part. Pipemaker Matt Kiernan played with the Garda band and perhaps we hear him playing that piccolo here? Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin says Leitrim fiddler Joe Liddy, one of various candidates for composing Cooley’s reel, was in their ranks; I found a wonderful photo and profile of the band here: Fiddles, piccolos, OK, now throw in clarinet, cello, French horn, bassoon…on their records I don’t think you hear much of that orchestral stuff. I found another track of hornpipes of them, at the Comhaltas Archive I think. It has some narration from a radio DJ where he says the band also had melodeon player Terry Lane and Hugh Travers. Here’s the side with the track I transcribed: You can buy the whole Tuning the Radio album from which this comes at Amazon.

On their record these tunes were called The Northern and The Minstrel’s Fancy but those titles are in use so I just named it after the band itself.

Nice work, Kevin!

But why not post its proper title? doesn’t prevent you from doing this. It merely warns you not to post a tune if it’s already in the db.

Which this one wasn’t!

The Northern Hornpipe

Yeah, I decided to go with the first title listed even though this is the 2nd tune, I was busy reading up on the band, transcribing the tune, and more. Glad you like this number, M O’L.