Karuna waltz

By Mairi Campbell

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One setting

X: 1
T: Karuna
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AAB|d3 A (3def|eA A2 ag|f2 fa (3fed|B3
dcd|AddA (3def|eA A2 ag|(3fga fd e<f|d3:|
dcd|F3 dcd|G3 dcd|A4 FG|E3
dcd|F3 dcd|G3 AAG|(3FGA FD E<F|D3
dcd|F3 dcd|G3 dcd|A4 FG|E3
AAG|AddA (3def|eA A2 ag|(3fga fd e<f|d3||

Five comments


Andrew Berry asked about this tune in a discussion. It’s from Sealbh by Iain MacInnes (2009). Although it’s in G, I believe Iain is playing the air on an A whistle, using D fingering, so I have rendered it thus. Another example of Iain’s beautiful music.


Oops, I think I meant a G whistle!

Composed by Mairi Campbell

Worth noting that the tune was composed by another notable Edinburgh musician, Mairi Campbell, for an Austrain friend.

It’s definitely in G on the recording, so Low G whistle almost certainly (?)


Thanks for that, Niall. I hope Mairi’s friendship wasn’t too strained.

Aarrgghh - that was of course Austrian, not Australian or any other mangled attempt at a nationality…