Step It Out Joe hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Step It Out Joe
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D/E/F |: "G"G2 GA GE DE | GA Bd de dB | "D7"A2 AG A2 gA | A/A/A ga ge dB |
"G"G2 GA GE DE | GA Bd de dB | "D7"A2 A/B/d ea ab |1 ag ed BE ED :|2 "D7"ge dB A3e ||
"a"ab ae ga ge |dB B/c/d BE ED | "G"GE DE GA Bd | de dB "D7"A2 A/B/d |
"a"ea ab g2 ge | dB AG EG GE | "G"DG G/G/G GB de | "D7"dB AE "G"G3e |
"a"ab ae ga ge | dB B/c/d BE ED | "G"GE DE GA Bd | de dB "D7"A2 A/B/d |
"a"ea ae ga bg | ag ed g2 ga | "G"ba ge ag eg | eA A/B/d "D7"BE ED |]

Three comments

Step It Out Joe

Transcribed from Angelina Carberry`s light and charming version on "Pluckin` Mad". I added some simple chords to it.


Sorry, but this was posted here 7 years ago as a barn dance.

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Step It Out Joe

Sorry Kenny, that`s right, but Angelina labeled her version (5 months ago) as Hornpipe, and this is one.
One of the problems of the session: you`ll often find something different with the same name.