The North Brig O’ Edinburgh strathspey

Also known as North Bridge Of Edinburgh, The North Bridge Of Edinburgh.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The North Brig O' Edinburgh
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
B>A|B2 B>F B>B d2|c>BA>c e/d/c/B/ A>c|B2 B>F B>B d2|d>B c<A B2:|
B>c|d2 d>f d>df>d|c>BA>c e/d/c/B/ A>c|d2 d>f d>d d2|d>B c<A B2 B>c|
d2 d>f d>df>d|c>BA>c e/d/c/B/ A>c|d2 d>B A>ce>c|d>B c<A B2||

Four comments

The North Brig O’ Edinburgh

I learned this traditional strathspey from the debut recording of Scottish harp duo, Sileas. It’s a fairy uncommon tune and not available even in JC’s tune finder yet, but I believe it’s worth posting here.

The North Bridge is the biggest bridge in Edinburgh, which was built across railroads, not a river.

To tell the truth, I’ve just transcribed the tune. Does anybody think of any good cheerful Irish reel to follow this lovely strathspey?

Why not…

"The Musical Priest" although it’s the same key. This tune reminds me of it. More strathspeys! They’re great fun to play, though sometimes a bit of a chore on the flute.

Why not…

I was thinking about "The Musical Priest " too! - It

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To my mind there are very great similarities between this tune and the first 2 parts of the Musical Priest; it seems possible they are related tunes.