Liza Jane polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Liza Jane
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G/A/|BB AG|Bd d2|e d2 B|d2d G/A/|
BB AG|Bd d2|B B2 A|G2G:|
|:e/f/|g g2 d|e2 d2|e d2 B|d2 z e/f/|
g g2 d|e2 d2|B/B/B BA|G3:|

Three comments

Liza Jane

A beginner’s tune that’s sometimes played at the Golden Guinea pub session, Bristol, UK. It’s also the melody of song of the same name (American in origin).

N.B. There is an Americn old-timey tune also called Liza Jane (probably the one cross-referenced in the recordings above) which is unconnected with this setting and also much more complex.

"Liza Jane" and "Little Liza Jane"

The Nashville Old-Time String Band Association (NOTSBA,) lists both tunes in their repertoire that Mix O’ refers to and differentiates them by title. "Liza Jane" as the "simple" one here and "Little Liza Jane" as the "more complex" one. The "dots", chords and lyrics for each can be found here:

In the old-time genre both tunes are considered "breakdowns" and strongly rooted in the Kentucky-Tennessee tradition and, interestingly, both sometimes referred to by the same title as well as alternate titles, "Poor Liza Jane", "Poor Ol’ Liza", etc., etc. (although the "poor" is more often attached to the "more complex" tune.)

While both tunes are American in origin, Enda Scahill’s band "We Banjos 3" seem to be branching into trad music outside the ITM world on some of their later albums. On a recent visit to McNamara’s Pub in Nashville, they performed this piece:

(recorded in Chicago at the World Music Festival)
as well as several other American trad tunes. Many NOTSBA folks were there to hear a different take on their old-time favorites!
Cheers! RTH