Pibddawns Yr Ysgubau hornpipe

Also known as The Broom’s, The Brooms.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Pibddawns Yr Ysgubau
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|(3ABc|d>AF>A F>Ad>f|a>fd>A g>ec>A|B>dG>d A>dF>d|(3efe (3dcB A>gf>e|
d>AF>A F>Ad>f|a>fd>A g>ec>A|f>dA>d e>cA>c|d>AF>AD2:|
A2|A>ce>c a>ec>A|c>Bc>a B>Gd>B|B>bg>b A>af>a|(3efe (3dcB A>gf>e|
d>AF>A F>Ad>f|a>fd>A g>ec>A|f>dA>f e>cA>c|d>AF>d D2:|
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Pibddawns Y Ysgubau

Welsh Hornpipe I found in the Tune Book; Tro Llaw (200 Welsh Hornpipes) by Robert Huw Bowen.

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Nice little bouncy hornpipe

Nice little bouncy hornpipe. I wonder has anyone any idea what Pibddawns Y Ysgubau translates to in English?

translation from Welsh

googled it and came up with "The Brooms Hornpipe" (19th Century Welsh) composed by blind John Williams. Bonnie Shaljean played in a set of three hornpipes (track 1) on her 1988 album "Farewell to Lough Neaghe. Her sleeve notes give the same source:
PIBDDAWNS Y TANT (The String Hornpipe)
PIBDDAWNS YR YSGUBAU (The Brooms Hornpipe)
PIBDDAWNS Y BLODAU (The Flowers Hornpipe)
19th-century Welsh hornpipes written by the harpers Llewelyn Williams (String) and blind John Williams (Brooms and probably Flowers). Both men won first place in eisteddfodau (prestigious music competitions), but while John was awarded a valuable triple-harp, Llewelyn’s prize-money was reduced to £1 because of local displeasure over his father’s Chartist politics, causing him to publicly sever the strings of his harp in protest. These tunes, taken from Tro Llaw (edited by Robin Huw Bowen), share a common style with traditional hornpipes from all over Britain and Ireland, a fact which demonstrates the harp’s use as a ‘working’ dance instrument, in addition to its usual ‘art’ associations."

For anyone interested, here’s a analysis of the Welsh tune title:


So, "pibdawns" (pronounced pibdowns) = pipe dance (equates to hornpipe).

Ysgubau (plural of Broom) = Brooms

Ysgubau is pronounced "isgubeye" (south wales) or isgubee (north wales).

So, the whole title = "Brooms Hornpipe"

pibddawns yr ysgubau

Analysis correct except the initial "d" in dawns mutates to "dd " after pib. Dd is pronounced th as in there so it becomes pibddawns = pib thowns but with hard th. The b is quite soft and often sounds more like a p.