One recording of
O’Connell’s Trip To Parliament
The Clogger’s Quilt

O’Connell’s Trip To Parliament (reel) is also known as O’Connells Trip To Parliament, Trip To Parliament.

The Clogger’s Quilt (reel) is also known as Ballyket Courthouse, The Ballyket Courthouse, Barry’s Fancy, Clogger Quilt, The Clogger Quilt, The Cogger’s Quilt, Corry Hilly, The Glogger’s Quilt, Kathleen’s Fiddle, Larry Redican’s, Larry Redigan’s, Micho Russell’s Favourite, Paddy Finlay’s, Rattigan’s, St Andrews, St. Andrew’s, St. Andrews, The Swallow.

Paddy And Bridget And Their Great Friends 2 by Various Artists

  1. Paddy Finlay’s
  2. O’Connell’s Trip To Parliament
  3. The Mossy Banks