Mrs Saggs reel

By Chris Wood

Also known as Mrs. Saggs.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mrs Saggs
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGA|B4 A2 GF|G6 Bd|e/f/gdg cgdg|g2 fe fdef|
g2 d2 cBAG|D2 C2 B,2 D2|ECEG BAGF|G4 z:|
|:GAB|c4 B2 AG|DFAd fdef|g2 d2 cBAG|B2 AG A2 AB|
c4 B2 AG|FA df a2 gf|g2 d2 cBAG|G4 z:|

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Mrs Saggs

A tune that was played at one of my local sessions this week. I’ve posted it as as a reel, but it’s really more of an air.

It was composed by Chris Wood.

Re: Mrs Saggs

According to article by Jed Mugford in Living Tradition 140, Mrs Saggs was Niamh Cusack, who married Roland Saggs, a fellow student at The Royal College of Music in the late 70s.

Re: Mrs Saggs

Is there more than one Naimh Cusack? The Wiki entry on the one that’s a well-known actor says ‘Cusack is married to the actor Finbar Lynch’ - i.e. not the chap mentioned above. (I don’t know why I would want to know this as it makes no difference to the tune. Just idle curiosity, I suppose).

It’s very popular at sessions round my way in Sussex. There’s a setting with chords and an accompanying part (mine, I’m afraid) at:

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Re: Mrs Saggs

I think it is the Naimh Cusack.
She did play flute and went to the Royal College of Music before switching career to acting.

I’ve seen your arrangement before, Bazza. I like to spice things up a bit in the sixth bar of the first part with D - D#dim - Em instead of G - C - G.

Re: Mrs Saggs

Sorry, GW, I’m not a very good spellar.

Re: Mrs Saggs

OK, Ronald.

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Re: Mrs Saggs

I’m afraid the pore spellign was mine not yors, DonaldK. And thanks for the chord idea: I’ll check it out.

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