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One setting

X: 1
T: Môrgawr
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|: D c2 D B4 | cBAG FG A2 | D c2 D B4 | cBAF d4:|
|: DFAd c2 Ad | c2 Ad cBGE | DFAd c2 Ad | cAGE D4:|
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Translated from the Welsh means ……SeaMonster.
I think it refers to the legend of the leviathan that lives off the West Wales coast in Cardigan Bay.
This is the way it’s played in Llandeilo , but I have seen it notated in D major somewhere, I’ll put the ABC’s for it ‘now, in a minute’. Hope Dmix is the right mode, or is it just plain old E min?

Say;—— Moor Gower.

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Simon Owen

Just discovered this tune was written by Simon Owen and has been recorded a couple of times. By Glenorfa and Calan.
The B in the ‘C’ part is played as an A though.

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Re: Môrgawr

Glenorfa is I think Y Glerorfa. (Y Glerorfa yn Fyw)
It’s also on "O Groth y Ddaear" by Gwilym Rhys Bowen.
Parts A and B are Mix, but C is Dorian and the F is natural not sharp.

Re: Morgawr

The late Simon Owen was a piper of S. Welsh origin who lived and worked in Oxford. He died sadly young. I only met him once when we were both tutors at a Welsh tunes workshop. I actually had the tune from his friend, the late Jeff Hughes, who notated it from Simon’s playing. The title is actually Cornish (no circumflex on the o) and refers to a Cornish legend. It does indeed mean "sea giant" in both languages.

This downloadable document of mine has some further background on this tune and a correct notation.