Le Petit Accordeon waltz

Also known as Gina’s, Joe Murphy’s Return From Chicago, Paddy McGuinty’s Trip To Chicago.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Le Petit Accordeon
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
^c6|c ABcde|f2f efg|fdAFDA,|1 G6|FEDEFD|E6|A,6:|2 F6|E4FE|D6|"Trio"z4||
[1 F2 FGAB|c2c AGF:|2 F2 FGAG|F2A,2A,2||
F2G2|:[F6A6]|[G4B4][G2_B2]|[F6A6]|[F2A2] d2e2|f2e2d2|c2B2A2|GFEDEF|G4A2|[E6B6]|[E4c4][E2=c2]|
[E6B6]|[E2B2] e2f2|g2f2e2|d2c2B2|A2 FAdf|a2 F2G2|[F6A6]|[G4B4][G2_B2]|[F6A6]|[F2A2] d2e2|
f2e2d2|b4a2|g6|g2 gaba|gdB gdB|gdB gdB|fdA fdA|fdA fdA|
ecA ecA|ecA ecA|d2 dcde|d2z2|

One comment

Le Petit Accordeon

From Joe Burke’s Morning Mist record, a bit of Parisian cafe music. I had no luck finding any info about a tune of this name, though. And actually this transcription is from Randal Bays and Joel Bernstein, who called it Gina’s Waltz. I don’t have the liner notes for either of these recordings so know nothing about its provenance. Randal and Joel’s record came out in 1996 and Joe’s in 1999.

This took a few days work, I’m not up to snuff on transcribing fancy waltzes, and had to look up the rules for DS al Coda again…I hope it works, feel free to point out where I slipped up. The Trio section is truly that, played once in the middle of it all. I have a PDF of the music for Reine de Musette which is sort of the Miss McLeod or When the Saints Go Marching In of that music and it has a trio section too, sort of a characteristic device.