The Nutting Girl reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Nutting Girl
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:BA|G2 GA BAGB|d2 c2 A4|G2 Bc d2 g2|d6 B2|
cdec A2 Bc|BcdB G2 AB|c2 A2 F2 D2|G6:|
|:BA|G2 g2 gefg|f2 e2 d2 Bc|d2 ef g2 e2|f6 e2|
d2 g2 g3 f|e2 d2 d3 B|A2 B2 c2 d2|egfe dcBA|
G2 GA BAGB|d2 c2 A4|G2 Bc d2 g2|d6 B2|
cdec A2 Bc|BcdB G2 AB|c2 A2 F2 D2|G4 G2||

Three comments

There are many variants of this tune - one of which is used as the melody of a song of the same name.

The Nutting Girl - Lyrics of the Song

Now come all you jovial fellows, come listen to my song,
It is a little ditty, and it won’t detain you long;
It’s of a fair young damsel, and she lived down in Kent,
Arose one summer’s morning, and she a-nutting went.

CHO: With my fal-lal to my ral-tal-lal,
And what few nuts that poor girl had,
She threw them all away.

It’s of a brisk young farmer, was ploughing of his land,
He called unto his horses, to bid them gently stand;
As he sat down upon his plough, all for a song to sing,
His voice was so melodious, it made the valleys ring.

It’s of this fair young damsel, a-nutting in the wood,
His voice was so melodious, it charmed her as she stood;
In that lonely wood, she could no longer stay,
And what few nuts she had, poor girl, she threw them all away.

She then came to young Johnny, as he sat on his plough,
She said: “Young man, I really feel, I cannot tell you how;”
He took her to some shady broom, and there he laid her down,
Said she: “Young man, I think I feel the world, is going round and round.”

He went back to his horses, to finish off his song,
He said: “My pretty fair maid, your mother will think you long;”
But she flung her arms all round his neck, as they went o’er the plain,
And she said: “My dear, I’d like to see, the world go round again.”

Now, come all you young women, take warning by my song,
If you should a-nutting go, don’t stay from home too long;
For if you should stay too late, to hear the ploughboy sing
You might have a young farmer, to nurse up in the spring.