Two recordings of a tune named
The Eel In The Sink
With a tune named
The Mountain Top

The Eel In The Sink (reel) is also known as The Blackthorn, Eels In The Sink, The Irish Blackthorn.

The Mountain Top (reel) is also known as Barr An TSléibhe, The Crooked Way To Dublin, Dillon Brown, Doone Hill, The Dunne Hills.

The Freewheeler by Dougal Adams, Ado Barker & Ben Stephenson

  1. Jenny Picking Cockles
  2. The Mountain Top
  3. The Eel In The Sink

The Good Ear by Dougal Adams And Ormonde Waters

  1. Song Of The Coffee
  2. Eels In The Sink
  3. The Mountain Top