Three recordings of
Paddy Fahey’s

Whelan’s (jig) is also known as Grainne Mhaoil, The Leitrim, Port Uí Fhaoláin, Tommy Whelan’s, Uí Fhaoláin, Whelan’s Fancy, Whelan’s Frolics.

Paddy Fahey’s (jig) is also known as Fahey’s Favourite, Paddy Fahey’s Jig #1, Paddy Fahy’s.

Irish Traditional Music by Paddy Carty

  1. Paddy Fahy’s
  2. Whelan’s

Mapless Journey by Kathy Buys

  1. Spirit Walk (orig)
  2. Erin Gra Mo Chroi
  3. I’ll Walk Beside You
  4. Sourgrass And Granite
  5. Margaret’s
  6. My Cape Breton Home
  7. Si Bheag Si Mhor
  8. The Snowy Path
  9. Paddy Fahy’s
  10. Garrett Barry’s
  11. Whelan’s
  12. The Maids Of Mt. Kisco

The Man Of The House by Tom Moran

  1. Paddy Fahy’s
  2. Whelan’s