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X: 1
T: The Crossroads
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
~e3f ~g3f|efgeafef|dBcABAFG |1 AdfedABd:|2 AdfedBAF:||
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The Crossroads

This is a tune I recently wrote here in Iceland, to start off a set which includes two other tunes, a G-major and an A-major one. As you can see, it’s a pretty basic melody, but I hope it works! The name of the tune refers to a certain crossroads in the town of Reykjavik. Composed by Matti Kallio.

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Matti, this is a really fun tune, definitely a keeper, and a new genre perhaps…IITM: Icelandic Irish Traditiona Music (for the acronym hounds among us). I’ll work this up and introduce it to my session mates here in Montana.

So what are the names of the streets in this particular crossroads, and why did they deserve a tune?

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Thanks Will! Yepp, IITM is the new genre (did u know about FITM, Finnish Irish Traditional Music πŸ™‚).
I just checked in the map of Reykjavik that I have, the streets are F

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I’m confused. Isn’t IITM Italian Irish Trad. Music? πŸ™

Not true

I’ve got this song in one of my books, he didn’t write it!

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Sad but true

This must be a total coincidence, as sometimes happens when writing tunes and not being totally modern πŸ™‚ Good that you notified about it, which tune did I write?

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yes,Matti,a similar thing happened to me last year when i came in from the pub(i should have realised!) and i wrote down a cracking tune that was going round in my head.
of course,my ‘composition’ turned out to be the first two parts of ‘rip the calico’,a tune which i had just been learning…


It works the other way as well. The story goes that Schubert or Schumann, I forget which, was in a cafe and heard the cafe orchestra playing something. He thought it was a good tune and jotted it down. It was only sometime later that he discovered it was something he’d composed a long time ago and completely forgotten. We’re all in the best of company!