Matt Cunningham’s Visit To Preston hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Matt Cunningham's Visit To Preston
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: (3DEF |G>F (3GFE G>D (3DEF | G>D (3GAB d2 g>f | e>dc>B A>BG>A | B>AG>F E2 (3DEF |
G2 (3GFE G>D (3DEF | G>DG>B d2 g>f | e>dc>B A2 G>A | B>G (3GGG G2 :|
|: (3Bc^c |d>Ge>^c d>Gb>a | g>Be>^c d2 g>f | e>Gd>G c>GB>G | A>F (3GFE D2 (3Bc^c |
d>Ge>^c d2 g>f | e>Gc>e d2 (3Bcd | e>Gd>G c>GB>G | A>D (3FED G2 :|

Three comments

"Matt Cunningham’s Visit To Preston" ~ C: ceolachon

Event: Matt Cunningham Céilí: sets, ceili, two-hand, & more
July 22nd, 2015, 8:30 p.m. till midnight

He hasn’t arrived yet, but one very late night while fussing and worrying over it all this little ditty just happened, as they tend to do in my case. 😉 My wife helped give it a name, the ‘visit’ in the title…

MC’s Visit ~ C: ceolachon

It’s a sweet little ditty, Dani

Good to hear from you. I only wish we were only steps away from each other, or at least within a few miles, even 100 would be good, without an intervening ocean ~ with hopes here that all is well with you and yours… I’ve missed your updates on your details, which will give me some pleasure exploring ~ after Matt has come and gone. 😉