The Queen Of The Fairies hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Queen Of The Fairies
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
f(3abc' |: d'afa bgeg | fdec ddef | gbaf gecd | (3fed (3dcB Af(3abc' |
d'afa bgeg | fdec ddef | gbaf gecd |1(3gfe dc df(3abc :|2(3gfe dc d2AG ||
|: FAdA FAdf | gbef gbeA | FAdA FAdf | (3gfe cA (3gfe cA |
(3FGA dA (3FGA df | ~g3a bc'(3d'c'b | afdg bgec |1 d2dc dBAG :|2 d2dc df(3abc' ||
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The Queen Of The Fairies

Apologies if this was posted before, but I searched for both the tune name and the tune itself with Tunepal and didn’t find it anywhere. It’s a different tune than the other "Queen of the Fairies / Fairy Queen" tunes (hornpipes and a waltz). I heard this tune from Liam O’Flynn’s playing (who learned it from Seamus Ennis) on his album The Fine Art of Piping ( The tune that the recording track list points to is actually The Faery Queen, the waltz that he recorded on his previous self-titled album (

Here’s two YouTube videos of Liam playing the tune. In the second video he plays it after the first two reels. As he mentions it’s an interesting tune in that goes up to the third octave d. It’s a pretty tricky region on the pipes since the fingering is the same as a C natural, so if you miss the octave you go to the wrong note (even Liam misses the note once in the first video).

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