Björnvalser Från Skåne waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Björnvalser Från Skåne
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A>G|:F4 EF/E/|D4 (3 DFA|d2 d>c d>e|f>d A2 A,>A,|
D4 D2|D4D>G|F>A d>f e>c|1 d2 B2 A>G:|2 d6||
|:A>a a>f G/F/E|F>f f>A B/A/F|E>g g>e e>B|
B>G A>B d>c|A>a a>f G/F/E|F>f f>A B/A/F|E>g g>e c/B/c|d2 D2:|
D>E|:F4 (3 FED|F4 (3 FED|d2 B>A F>A|cc/ dd/ ee2|
E4 E>F|G2 F2 E2|ecc>d e>f|(3 gag (3 fgf (3 efe:|
B>A B>c d>B|c>d e>f (3 gfe|a2 f>a (3 gfe|d6||
|:d2 D>E F>G|G>F A>F D>B|A>G A>B c>d|e>c g>e c>A|
d>c d>e f>g|g>f a>f (3 def|(3 gag (3 fgf (3 efe|d6:|
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Björnvalser Från Skåne

I transposed this from the playing of Aly Bain & Ale Möller on their CD “Fully Rigged”
I have the translation as “The Bear Waltzes from Skåne” implying that there are two in the same key.
I have transcribed them as one but each waltz is played twice so first tune covers phrases 1 & 2 (‘A’ music x 2 & ‘B’music x 2) all played twice as a whole.
Phrases 3, 4 & 5 I will call ‘C’ ‘D’ & ‘E’ thus the second tune becomes ‘C’x 2, ‘D’ x 1, ‘E’ x 2.
There is a fast trill over the B in bar 8 of the 1st time ‘A’ music.
On the final time the last bar (‘E’music) of the whole is played | d2 A2 G2 | F6 ||

This CD is one of my favourites. I love Ale Möller’s contribution with very selective harmonies etc. very deep and warm.
I have a CD possibly recorded in 1989 when Ale Möller joined the Simon Simonsson Quartet. A fine recording well worth listening to if one can get hol;d of a copy. It is no longer available unless Simon has had some produced. My wife and I stayed with Simon 2 years ago and this CD was given as a gift. It is unlike any other CD of Traditional Swedish music that I have heard, very dark and emotive.
Ale was born in Skåne in 1955. He found these two waltzes in an archive manuscript. They both come from Skåne and are associated with Lorens Brolin, a virtuoso travelling fiddler. The tuning is, DDAD, often referred to as the “Bear Tuning” in the South of Sweden.
Simon says of Ale “Ale is a fund of ideas. He understands intuitively what I mean when I’m enthusiastically trying to explain what I want from the music.

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birthplace of Ale Möller

I have just seen that Simon Simonsson names Skåne as the birth-place whereas the sleeve notes to the CD gives Malmö as the birthplace.

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Swedish topography

Perhaps Skåne is the region and Malmö is the town, so both might be correct?

Saw AleMöller in Gothenburg earlier this year, with an ensemble he’d put together to accompany some contemporary dance. Just brilliant: accomplished, inventive, etc! Is he a really exceptional musician or what?

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Yes, Skåne is the region and Malmö the town.
Old maps use the latin name “Scania” for present day Skåne.
Skåne was Danish until 1658, and you can still find traces of the Danish heritage in music, language and place names.