Malcolm Johnstone jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Malcolm Johnstone
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d2B AAA|GAA BdB|d2B AAA|Bee ege|
d2B AAA|GAA Bgf|ede g2e|fdd deg:|
|:ede a2e|g2e fdd|ede a2e|gdd egg|
ede a2e|g2f ege|dBA AAA|1 Bee e2d:|2 Bee efe||

Seven comments

Malcom Johnstone

This is my transcription of the 3rd tune from the 3rd track of the Tannahill Weavers Album “The Mermaid’s Song”.
The tune link from the above points to a reel by the same, but is not the correct tune.
How does one get such links fixed?

Malcolm Johnstone

You could try spelling it correctly (“Malcolm”). However, if you study the two transciptions given, they are in fact the same. You’re right in notating it as jig, although perhaps Daibh did play it as a reel - I’ll listen to it later.

Malcolm Johnstone

Yup, Daimh play it as a reel, The Tannies as a jig.


> You could try spelling it correctly (“Malcolm”).
Yes, that would have been far better - How do I get it corrected?

>However, if you study the two transciptions given, they are in fact the same.
When I pasted in your comments, the spell checker highlighted “transciptions”
I wish the title entry box had such a feature.

Of course I listened to the midi’s for tune#10720 - Malcolm Johnstone Reel, and would
have happily used them to help learn the tune - if they had any similarity to the one in
set I was interested in, but no, that tune is quite different from this one.

Here’s the Tannahill Weavers set:
Elspeth Campbell/Kenny Gilles of Portnalong, Skye/Malcolm Johnstone@2:47/Thornton Jig - live performance

That reel to which you refer can be found here:
Leaving Lochmaddy / Malcolm Johnstone @1:29

And here:

And, again - Anyone know how to get my foobar title corrected?

Malcolm Johnstone

“Anyone know how to get my foobar title corrected?”

Just done it for you. Yes, I see now they are quite different, with very slight similarities. Anyway, the Tannahill Weavers album now links to your jig.

Updating tune titles

zoronic, you can update the title (or alias) of any tune at any time: hit the “edit this tune” button.

Thanks for fixing that Nigel, and thanks Jeremy for pointing out the
“EDIT THIS TUNE” which differs in function from the “EDIT” button - I hadn’t realized that.