Two recordings of
John McFadden’s Favourite
Cros An Lomanaigh

John McFadden’s Favourite (reel) is also known as John McFadden’s, McFadden’s Favourite, John McFadden’s Favorite.

Cros An Lomanaigh (reel) is also known as An Tuistiun, Crawford’s, The Fourpenny Bit, The Loman’s Cross, Lomanach, Lomanach Cross, Lománach Cross, The Lomanach Cross, Miss Mary O’Neill’s Fancy, Sean Maguire’s, The Spinner’s Delight.

Days Of Doolin by Celtic Fusion

  1. McFadden’s Favourite
  2. Lomanach Cross

Stony Steps by Matt Molloy

  1. McFadden’s Favourite
  2. Sean Maguire’s
  3. Jackson’s Favourite