Three recordings of
John McFadden’s Favourite
Maudabawn Chapel

John McFadden’s Favourite (reel) is also known as John McFadden’s, McFadden’s Favourite, John McFadden’s Favorite.

Maudabawn Chapel (reel) is also known as Hall’s Favourite, Maudabon Chapel, Maudaon’s Chapel, Maudebawn Chapel, Reavy’s, Reavy’s Long, Reavy’s No. 3, The Reefs, Ryan’s.

It's A Hard Road To Travel by Andy McGann And Paul Brady

  1. Maudabawn Chapel
  2. John McFadden’s Favourite

Traditional Fiddle Music From County Clare by Vincent Griffin

  1. The Reefs
  2. McFadden’s Favourite

Traditional Irish Fiddle Music by Vincent Griffin

  1. Maudabawn Chapel
  2. McFadden’s Favourite