The Boys Of The Lake reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Boys Of The Lake
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G2 BG AGBG|G2 (3Bcd g2 g2|fAAG FG A2|BcAF GFED|
G2 BG AGBG|G2 (3Bcd g2 fg|ecAG FG A2|1 BcAF G2 DG:|2 BcAF G2 G2||
(3Bcd ef gfed|(3Bcd ef g2 g2|(3Bcd ef g2 dg|egdc BG G2|
(3Bcd ef gfed|Bdef g2 ga|bgag gfed|1 (3Bcd ef gfed:|2 (3Bcd ef gedB|G2||
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The Boys Of The Lake

I’ve had the "dots" for this for years, in the book "Irish Tin Whistle Legends", compiled by Tommy Walsh, and printed by Walton’s originally in 1989. It’s one of 4 tunes attributed to Micho Russell, and I’d never heard him play it until I bought the recent double-CD release "Rarities & Old Favourites", where it’s included twice, once with Micho playing along with 2 fiddlers, and then as a solo flute track.
The title maybe put me off a bit, as I think I might have assumed it was just another title for "The Boys Of The Lough", but I never really looked that closely. The 2 reels have nothing in common whatsoever.
A lovely reel - I’ve never heard anyone other than Micho playing it.
It may well be here already, but under a different name. I did see that someone has included "The Boys Of The Lake" as an alternative title for "The Merry Blacksmith".

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Re: "The Boys Of The Lake" as an alternative title for "The Merry Blacksmith"

That was probably me… a while ago I’ve posted a setting from P. W. Joyce, where it appears under that title. It may disputable if it’s really an alternative title or just one of those many confusions, though. As you’ve now posted a tune with that genuine title, I wouldn’t mind if you removed it from "The Merry Blacksmith" to avoid further confusion.

PS: Nice tune BTW!

(PPS: You need to end the A part with a double bar so that the 2nd ending doesn’t stretch over the entire B part.)

Boys Of The Lake

Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald recorded Michael Coleman’s version of the Merry Blacksmith, which has come to be called the Devils of Dublin. Winston called this tune The Mist on The Loch, perhaps there’s a connection there somewhere.