Tangasdale Beach reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tangasdale Beach
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
{D}E2G{A}GJA4 cB{A/}GJA4 | cd {A}!>!B3 {D}E4|{D}E2G{A/}GJA4 cB{A/}GJA4 | cd{d}!>!e4c{a}dJG4|
{D}E2G{A}GJA4 cB{A/}GJA4 | cd {A}!>!B3 {D}E4|{A}Bcd{a}fJg2 G/A/~B3/A4
cB{G}A4{B}AG zAB{c/}B~A3-|!>!A4|{d}e2g{a}gJa3-~a3bgc4|ABcA{d}e3{a}edaJg4
ABcA{d}e3{a}edaJg4|{c'}agd3Jg3G/A/~B3/A4|cB{G}A4z c2B{G}A4:|

One comment

Tangasdale Beach

Beautiful haunting unaccompanied air by Rory Campbell on a Low D Goldie whistle. Because the tune has no strict rhythm to it, I have only included bars to divided the music up into reasonable passages and have not attempted to get the note values accurate. I have attempted to be accurate about ornamentation used. There are what appear to be very fast rolls in places. Slides designated by J do not come out in the music but >s do and I have used that symbol for "falling slides." As ever with the likes of an air you need to listen to the music to understand what to play and it can be heard here: