Doctor Taylor reel

Also known as An Doctur Tailiur, The Bloom Of Youth, The Downshire, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Taylor’s Favourite, Gardiner’s Favourite, The Highland Bonnet, The Highland Lament, Tansey’s Favourite.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Doctor Taylor
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G2 FG EGDF|G2 Bd cBAF|G2 FG EGDc|(3Bcd gB cBAF|
G2 FG EGDF|G2 Bd cBAF|GFGA (3Bcd ef|gedc BG G2||
gdBd edBd|cABG AGEG|gfgd edBd|dedc BGGz|
(3gfe fd edBd|(3cBA BG AGEG|(3DEF GA (3Bcd ef|(3gab af gedB||

Two comments

Doctor Taylor

This tune is related to The Bloom Of Youth, The version shown is from O’Neill’s where it appears as #1359 (1850) or #613 (1001). says that O’Neill got the tune from a fiddler named John McFadden, and adds the following:
"Chicago fiddler John McFadden, originally from Carrowmore, near Westport, County Mayo, was known to O’Neill by reputation, and first heard by him when he played at the wedding of a friend in 1897. McFadden was, at the time, in his late 40’s. O’Neill was impressed with his playing, but struck by the stiffness of his bow hand, and the fact that he only used the first half of the bow. McFadden was also an ‘ear’ player, and could not write or read music, but nevertheless composed many tunes. He was also an ‘incorrigible practical joker’, who managed to stay on the payroll of the City of Chicago through both Democratic and Republican administrations [see O’Neill, Irish Minstrels and Musicians, 1913, pp. 395-396]."

Doctor Taylor AKA

According to the Traditional Tune Archive, this tune is also knows as An Doctur Tailiur, The Bloom of Youth, Tansey’s Favourite, The Downshire Reel, Gardiner’s Favourite, Dr. Taylor’s Favourite, The Highland Lament, The Highland Bonnet.

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