One recording of
Jenny Pippin
Jenny Nettles

Jenny Pippin (reel) is also known as Jennie Pippin, Jenny Nettles Fancy, Jenny Pippen, Sineidin Pippin.

Jenny Nettles (reel) is also known as Jannie Nittle, Janny Nettles, Jennie Nettles, Jimmy Nettles.

Old Time Scottish Fiddle Music from Cape Breton Island by Joe MacLean

  1. Lady Viscountess Duncan
  2. Mr. MacAndrew
  3. Jenny Nettles
  4. Jenny Pippin
  5. The Trussell
  6. Wedderburn House
  7. Lady Muir MacKenzie
  8. The Uist Lasses’ Darling
  9. Sir David Davidson Of Cantray
  10. You’re Welcome, Charlie Stewart
  11. MacKenzie Fraser
  12. Donald MacGugan’s Rant
  13. Steer The Gill