La Belle-Mère Enragée reel

Also known as La Belle Mère Enragée.

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One setting

X: 1
T: La Belle-Mère Enragée
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"Em"E2 BE dEBE|"Am"cBcd "F"cBAG|"D"FGAF DFAF|1 d2 F2 "G"G3 F:|2 d2 F2 "G"G2 (3DEF||
|:"G"G2 BG "D"FGAF|"G"GABc dBGE|"F"=F2 cF dFcF|D=FcF "D"dDE^F|
"G"G2 BG "D"FGAF|"G"GABc dedB|"D"cdcA "G"BcBG|"D"A2 F2 "G"G2 (3DEF:|

Eight comments

great tune, thanks for sharing!

Certainly Tom! It’s a very energetic tune.. The title means something like ”The Grumpy Stepmother”.

Re: La Belle-Mère Enragée

Would you know of any other good Quebecois tunes? I’ve looked around a bit on this site called Identitairs which has a fair few but it would be good to know of a few fun ones that might be heard in sessions in Quebec…

Re: La Belle-Mère Enragée

Hi Tom! Here some good Quebec tunes.. But I don’t know if they are common in sessions:
Gigue de Juliette
Gigue de Touristes
La Reel des Acadiens
La Remontée Au Chantier
Le Canal en Octobre
Dionne (les 5 jumelles)
Le Voyage
Reel des Éboulement
Reel St. Jean

Re: La Belle-Mère Enragée

Does anyone know where I could get the sheet music for the first song they play in the video?

Re: La Belle-Mère Enragée

Thanks to fiddlers Jill Newton and Laurie Indenbaum for introducing my husband and me to this tune so many years ago. It’s a keeper.

Re: La Belle-Mère Enragée

Marcus, the title means "The Enraged Mother in Law". We LOVE this tune and our mothers in law ~