All The Rage jig

By Larry Unger

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One setting

X: 1
T: All The Rage
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
|:e|"E" fgg gfe|"E"fgg g2e|"A"cee "E"Bee|"F#m"gfe "B7"f2e|
"E" fgg gfe|"E"fgg g2b|"A"gfe "B7"fed|"E"e3e2:|
|:e|"A"cee "E"Bee|"A"cee"E"B2e|"A"ece "F#m"fef|"E"gbg "B7"f2 e|
"A"cee "E"Bee|"A"cee"E"B2b|"A"gfe "B7"fed|"E"e3e2:|

Two comments

All The Rage

A nice Jig in E major by Larry Unger.
Notation and chords from the Portland Collection.
The Fiddler’s Companion ( has the entry:
[after playing a dance in Madison, Wisconsin, with Seattle fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld, who kept selecting tunes in E Major for dances (a rather unusual key for most dance music), Unger questioned her and was told that E Major jigs “were all the rage.”]

E major jigs

a really nice tune - it has a few phrases reminiscent of Calliope House, maybe they just fall naturally under the fingers on a fiddle or mandolin in Emaj. If the tune catches on it’ll probably get shifted, like Calliope, to D for the benefit of pipers and whistlers……………..