Leaving Port Askaig jig

By Willie Ross

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One setting

X: 1
T: Leaving Port Askaig
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
e3|:Ace efc|B3 A2 e|Ace efa|f3 efg|a2 a f2 a|ecA B2c|ABc efc|1 B3 A2e:|2 B3 Afg|
|:a3 e3|faf e3|Ace efa|1 f3 e2g|a3 e3|faf e3|ABc efc|B3 Afg:|
[2 f3 e2a|Ace efg|agf e3|ABc efc|B3 A2B|
|:cAc cec|B3 A2B|cAc cea|f3 e2g|a2 a f2a|ecA B2c|ABc efc|1 B3 A2B:|2 B3 Afg|
|:a2a e2a|fec e2g|a2 a efa|1 f3 e2g|a2a e2a|fec e2a|ABc efc|B3 Afg:|
[2 f3 e2a|Ace efg|agf e3|ABc efc|B3 A3||

Three comments


“A very nice Scottish 6/8 march [ not jig* ] written by P.M. Willie Ross ” - in which all of the “G” notes should be “natural”, and not “sharp”.
[ * I know there is no “6/8 March” category for submitting tunes, but it is usual to mention that it’s not a jig in the “comments” when you post tunes like this ].

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