The Old Time Wedding reel

Also known as John O’ Badenyond, John Of Badenyon, Old Time Wedding Reel #1, Wedding Reel #1.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Old Time Wedding
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
B|AGEG AGEG|c2cA G3B|A2 cd edcB|ABcd e2 eg|
abag egdB|cAGA c3d|edcA GEcE|D2 EG A3:|
g|ageg agea|gede g3b|agea gbed|cAcd e2 eg|
abag egdB|cAGA c3d|edcA GEcE|D2 EG A3:|

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The Wedding Reel from Cape Breton

This setting of the tune comes from the uillean piping of brilliant Scots piper Fred Morrison. According to the notes of his recording “The Sound of the Sun,” this reel is extremely popular among Cape Breton fiddlers. In fact, I recently heard one Japanese fiddler, who is a big fan of Cape Breton music, play this tune in a local session in Tokyo.

Like many Cape Breton tunes, this one has the Scottish origin. The original version is available at JC’s abc tune finder as “John o’ Badenyond.”

Play it after “Da New Rigged Ship,” enjoying the rock’n roll feel.

Alasdair Fraser plays this one on his album ‘The Driven Bow’ as the first in a set of three tunes which he calls The Old Wedding Reels. A version of it is also played by Arty McGlynn and Nollaig Casey as the title track of their album, ‘Lead the Knave’.

Cathal McConnell recorded a more irish and simplified version of this with the Boys of the Lough, but it looses the kick and drive of the original Scottish/Cape Breton version.

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You must be joking!

Other names

I know this tune as John of Badenyon, a strathspey from the Skye Collection. Also an Irish version appears on Maire O‘Keeffe’s album “Re-Joyce” as ’Johnny From Gandsey’