The Anniversary reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Anniversary
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DAAG AB=cA|FGAD G3 A|FDEF GA B/c/d|ecAB cdef|
d3 B cAAD|B2 AG Ad D2|BAAG FAdf|1 g2 ec dBAF:|2 g2 ec dAde||
|:f/g/a da bdfg|afed cefg|f/g/a dA Bdef|g3 b agfg|
adda bdfg|afed A3G|F/G/A dA f3 d|1 gfec dAeg:|2 gfec dBAF||

Four comments

Lovely, lovely tune

This is one of Shannon (Murphy) Heaton’s tunes — a gorgeous thing, she has the music transcription marked with "a slow reel for the Murphy girls". Siucra recorded it on Here Among Strangers ( and it’s one of the big fan favorites.

You can see and download a gif of this and two other of Shannon’s tunes (in her own hand) at "Knit the Collar" and "Frame the Cat" were named because my sister-in-law Janet used to crochet collars for my dance school and would bring them along to sessions, and she made a very special frame (Janet is the artsy member of the family) for a picture of Astor, Matt and Shannon’s beloved cat. Shannon is currently working on a tunebook of some of her tunes.


Thanks Zina

Zina, I know you posted this ages ago but this is a lovely tune - I’m learning it at the moment. I have to say if it’s played slow it sounds better swung, and then it basically becomes much more hornpipey-sounding as opposed to slow reel.

I’ve been thinking about why this sounds more like a hornpipe than a reel, and have decided that there are couple of things that stand out, and they are to do with melodic structure: 1) there are lots of triplets that sound like part of the actual tune rather than mere ornamentation, and 2) the melodic phrases are more lyrical than reel phrases and are based around arpeggios, e.g. |BAAG FAdf|g2ec d…

Shannon’s tune has been included on the latest Battlefield Band CD, on the same track with the tune of the album name, Out For the Night.