Hugh Smith’s reel

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X: 1
T: Hugh Smith's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: dafa g2 fe | dedB (3cBA FA | GDB,A, G,A,B,D |G3 A BAAB |
da (3fga g3 a | bgag fdde |1fbaf g3 e | dBAd BGGB :|2 fbaf (3gab ag | fdcA BGBc |
|: d2 ed cAdc | (3Bcd Bd cBFA | GBef gefg | abag fdef |
|1 gedg edBA | G2 BG AGED | EedB (3cBA ag | fdcA BGBc :|
|2 gedg ed (3Bcd | g2 bg aged | cgec (3Bcd ge | dBAd B2 A2 | G4 |
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Hugh Smith’s

Composed by Sean Quinn, this is the 2nd reel written in memory of Hugh Smith, and posted in the #1 issue of 2001 of "Treoir" magazine. The transcription in "Treoir" was by Paddy Ryan. I’m not really as keen on this one as I was on "Hugh Smith’s Farewell", which I posted a week or so ago from the same source. Both tunes were recorded on the "Lamh Ar Lamh" double CD released about 2004.

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