One recording of
The Tail Toddle
Up The Chimney

The Tail Toddle (reel) is also known as Ffidl Ffadl, Ffidl-ffadl, Fidl Fadl, Lasses Gar Your Tails Toddle, Lasses Gar Your Tails Todle, Lasses Make Your Tails Toddle, Lasses Make Your Tails Todle, Little Wot Ye Wha’s Coming, Tail Todle, Tail Toodle, Tail Tottle.

Full House by Fairport Convention

  1. Sir B. McKenzie’s Daughter’s Lament For The 77th Mounted Lancers Retreat From The Straights Of Loch Knombe
  2. Bonny Kate
  3. Up The Chimney
  4. The Kilfenora
  5. Scalloway Lasses
  6. Tale Toddle
  7. Boston Tea Party