Alan McCartney’s reel

By Alan McCartney

Alan McCartney's has been added to 22 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Alan McCartney's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:BEE2 BEcE|E2cE d2cd|BGEF GABd|fage fded|
BEE2 BEcE|d2ce dBAd|BEE2 BAGB|AFdF E2dc:|
|:BGG2 BedB|(3cBA ed cEED|gBB2 gBdc|dBAd BEED|
BGdG BedB|cAed cdef|gbaf gedB|AFdF E2dc:|

Three comments

Alan McCartney’s

I picked up this tune from guitar player Alan McCartney last time I was in Galway.

When I say "picked it up", I don’t mean I learnt it then and there. I was there just for a flying visit and didn’t have enough time to sit down and learn any tunes by ear (which takes ages with me).

Alan was kind enough to write down the sheetmusic for this and many other compositions of his. Since getting back from Galway, I’ve been working through the tunes but at a fairly slow pace.

Anyway, here is one of Alan’s many (untitled) compositions. It’s a bit tricky to get the rhythm of that first bit of the tune but it has a nice synchopated feel to it.

I hope he won’t mind that I’m labelling it with his name rather than just giving it a "gan ainm". I know he won’t mind me posting it here. In fact, he specifically said I could.

I do believe he’s actually lurking at The Session under a psuedonym.

He’s shy 🙂

So, seeing as he probably won’t say anything, I’ll just add that Alan is an extremely fine exponent of backing (and playing) tunes on the guitar. You can hear him in action on some of the tracks on Paul Bradley’s "Atlantic Roar" album:

Alan McCartney

Last time I saw him in Belfast, which was a few years ago, he was playing a mean fiddle too. I believe he dabbles in tin whistle as well.


Alan McCartney

I asked him about the fiddle playing.

I said "Hey, weren’t picking up the fiddle last time I saw you?"

He said. "Yeah. I put it back down again."