Five recordings of Spin-N-Glo

Also known as Spin ‘n’ Glow, Spin & Glow, Spin An’ Glow, Spin And Glo, Spin And Glow, The Spin And Glow, Spin N’ Glow, Spin-n-Glow, Spring And Glow.

This tune has been recorded together with Contentment Is Wealth, The Cordal, Counselor’s, The Fairy, The Grand Mira, Kelly The Rake, The New Stove, Squirrel Up A Tree, Stan Chapman’s, Tea Gardens.

  1. Dance for Joy Encore! by Reel of Seven
  2. Judique On The Floor by Buddy MacMaster
  3. Live At The Savoy by Ashley MacIsaac
  4. Moxie by Frank Ferrel And Friends
  5. Tamerack ‘er Down by Brenda Stubbert