Pennan Den hornpipe

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Pennan Den
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
A "^Pastoral. Sweetly."|(d>D) D/E/F/D/ E<("^4"A A,)|{gfe}f>d((c>A) (G/A/))c/G/ A<c|{^c}(d>D) (D/E/)F/D/D<("^4"A A,)|{gfe}(f>d)(e>^c) {c}(d2 d):|
A|(d>ef>.g) (af) g<a|f<d {cd}(c>A) G/A/c/G/ A<c|(d>ef>g) (af) g<a|f<(d {d}c>.A) {A}(d2d) A|
(d>ef>.g) ((a/g/)f/g/) (af).g.a|{gfe}(f>d)(c>A) (G/A/)c/G/ A<c|{^c}(d>D) (DE)FD E<(A A,)|{gfe}(f>d){d}(e>^c) {c}(d2 d)||
X: 2
T: Pennan Den
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
E2|:A4 ABcA|Be3e3d|c3A G3E|DEGD EG3|
A3B c3d|e2c2 de3|c2A2 B2G2|A4A2E2:|
A3B c3d|edcd ec (3ded|c3A G3E|DEGD EG3|
A3B c3d|e2c2 de3|c2A2 B2G2|A4A2E2:|

Five comments

Pennan Den

I ran across this as an image inside an article on Scotland.
Date-wise, it should be pre-copyright
I’m not entirely certain that it’s a hornpipe. Ignorance is bliss and I’m extremely happy…
The abc headers that The Session asks to be excluded provide information on the tune:

T:Pennan Den
T:A Scene familiar in the life of the Composer.
C:By James Watt (1832-1909).
C:Arr. J.M.H. Comm. by Geo. Riddell.

Pennan Den, X:2 - a sparse version

This is the version of Pennan Den I learned from AJ Watkinson (Barney UK) many years ago. Thanks for posting the original by Watt. I’d never seen it before.

Pennan Den

Callison’s transcription is from J Murdoch Henderson’s brilliant collection ‘Flowers of Scottish Melody’ (1935). The composer, James Watt, was the son of a fisherman and became a sailor himself. Later he studied to become a teacher in Pennan (a coastal village in Aberdeenshire). He was in demand as a fiddler for dances, and it is also said he made 96 fiddles in his life.

Re: Pennan Den

Just for those film buffs out there, Pennan Den is a rocky outcrop that lies above the village of Pennan in Aberdeenshire. Pennan was where much of the 1980’s film ‘Local Hero’ was filmed.