Old Jerry Doyle jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Old Jerry Doyle
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
g/e/|dBG G>AG|dcB Age|dBG G>AG|cAF ABc|
BAG G>AG|dBG Bdg| edc dcB|cAF G2:|
|:B/A/|G2 g gfg|dcB ABG|=F2=f fef| cA=F FGA|
Ggg gfg| efg de=f| edc dcB|cAF G2:|
|:B/A/|Ggg e2g|dcB AcA|=F=ff fef|cA=F FGA|
Ggg B2g|efg de=f| edc dcB|cAF G2:|
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Old Jerry Doyle

This nice jig appears in P.W. Joyce’s Old Irish Music and Songs (1909), vol. 1, p. 35, No. 65.
Joyce writes that the tune comes “From John Dolan of Glenosheen, 1845.”

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