The Westcoaster hornpipe

By Aonghas Grant

Also known as The West Coaster, The WestCoaster.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Westcoaster
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(B,A,)|G,B,DG Bdef|gdBG FGDB,|CEAB cBAG|(Fd)AF DCB,A,|
|:(Bc)|dg (3ggg agfg|dg (3ggg agfg|ea (3aaa ba^ga|ea (3aaa (ba) (3gfe)|
(dg) (3ggg ag(fg)|dgfg dBGD|A,ABc BAGF|ABA G FG:|
X: 2
T: The Westcoaster
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B,A,|G,(B,D)G Bde(f|g)dBG FGDB,|CEA(B c)BAG|F(dA)F (3DED (3CB,A,|
G,(B,D)G Bde(f|g)dBG FGD(B,|C)EA(c B)AGF|ABA G FG:|
|:(Bc)|(dg) ~g2 agfg|(dg) ~g2 agfg|(ea) ~a2 ba^ga|(ea) ~a2 (ba) (3gfe|
(dg) ~g2 agfg|dgfg dBGD|A,(EAc) BAGF|(FG) (GF) G2:|
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Seven comments

The WestCoaster

This is a nice “swingy” hornpipe by Angus Grant,Snr, my one time fiddle teacher.It`s also on a cd by Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley, “The Watch Stone “. This is my first attempt at writing out a tune in ABC format so if I`ve got things wrong ,bear with me please and put me right!

Format Superb

A great looking and sounding file / tune. At what speed do you normally play this and is if heavily syncopated? I noticed you mentioned “swingy”.

Send more tunes …

Tempo / WestCoaster

I play this about 170bpm.Angus & Jennifer both play this clean and crisp,Hazel Wrigley plays a great vamping backing guitar in the style of Jack Evans/Easy Club.I have`nt got the timing right on the ABA G FG line, it looks ok but does`nt sound right! We do a set of 1) one of my tunes 2)The WestCoaster 3)Haggis Fondue 4)Hair in the Gate(great tune by Jim Sutherland/EasyClub) 5)Da New Rigged Ship. I`ve a jig by Angus G.snr -The Lapwing I`ll try and post it up,cheers Alan T.


I really like this tune! I lke it when Hazel Wrigley plays it! The vamping it great!


Re: The WestCoaster

Tuned in to the Monday evening session (on Zoom) for this year’s adult Fèis, led by Aonghas Grant and Louise Mackenzie. At ninety years of age Aonghas is still pretty sharp with lots of stories (it was his first ever excursion on Zoom). His playing was full of life and emotion and, of course, he played The Westcoaster.

Re: The WestCoaster

Just adapting this to my small pipes.
Comments on tempo intrigue me because this feels like the Atlantic swell in Loch Lhinnie on a beautiful summers day hereabouts after there has been a storm out in mid Atlantic.
It’s just the way it feels to me.I would love to know if that’s where it came from or out in the Minch in similar conditions.
Posted from a very hot and sunny LochNess.