Cuimhne An Phíobaire waltz

Also known as Caoineadh An Phíobaire.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cuimhne An Phíobaire
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:{B}A4 cd {B}A4{BA}G2 {AG}E {AE}D2 {A}D {A}D4|dd/d/ c{dc}A {cBA}G2 {AG}E3 c d>d Hd4|
dd/e/ =f3Tf e/f/ d3|{cd}cA {Bc}B/A/G {AB}A/G/E c4 d>{ef}ed3d c{dc}<A|{Bc}B/A/ G2 {AGFG}A<D {A}D{A}HD4|
dd/e/ =f3Tf/e/ d>d c>dHA4|{g}a2{b}a/g/e/ =f2{af}e2 de/d/|c A3c d>d|Hd4|
{g}a{ba}g3 a/g/f/g/ a>()d|d4) dd/e/ =f3{af}e|de/d/ c<A {c}B/A/G A/B/(c|c3) dTe2d cd/c/|AB/A/ G2 A/G/F/G/ A<(DD2){A}D{A}HD4:|

Three comments

Cuimhne An Phíobaire

This lovely air (NOT a waltz) was written by Seán Potts, in memory of his grandfather John Potts, who was a piper. You can hear Seán himself playing it here:
But this transcription is from the piping of Cathal Ó Crócaigh. I first learned this tune from Brian McNamara, but prefer Cathal’s version for flat pipes. It has also been recorded by Seán Óg Potts (also on flat pipes) and others.

No attempt has been made to separate the transcription into measures or to make it fit any time signature, and the time value of the notes is only approximate.

Re: Cuimhne An Phíobaire

Should be titled by the more common title ´Caoineadh an phíobaire´. Also could be titled ´Lament for the Piper´.

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